Camay Hotel Cesenatico: Hotel Cesenatico, Hotel 3 stelle Cesenatico

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Porto Leonardesco - The large harbour, the sports facilities and the modern accommodation facilities are all fundamental ingredients of a seaside holiday in Cesenatico, and in the evening, along the banks of the canal harbour, where the fishing boats are moored, you will find the charming atmosphere of times gone by.

Musei e cultura - The long process of restoration and renovation of the Municipal Theater ended in 1992, and the open Theater of Largo Cappuccini was built. Since then, famous actors and renowned companies have taken the stage in Cesenatico, giving successful performances (from classic and modern music, to prose, to comedy, to dance).


Il presepe della Marineria - In the romantic setting of the Leonardesco canal port, the ancient boats of the Maritime Museum host the Holy Family, the Wise Men and all of the other characters of the maritime manger scene. Here, welcomed by three sculpted dolphins, on Christmas night a Baby will be born. In the background lies the historic city center with a suggestive view of Piazza delle Conserve and the colorful houses that are mirrored in the waters of the canal port.

Cesenatico oggi - If the canal port represents historic Cesenatico, Cesenatico's Skyscraper, built in the ‘50s on the seafront, in the new area of the city across from the Grand Hotel, is without a doubt the symbol of modern and tourist Cesenatico. The new area of the city, which has developed between Viale Carducci and Viale Roma, is dedicated almost exclusively to tourism, with hotels, stores, restaurants, arcades, bars and pubs.


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